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Broadcast Schedule:

“The Philadelphia Experience”
Hosted By: Hana Ali, Nellie Nel and Attilah Ali.
9am – 10am

“A.J. Stone Show”
Host A.J. Stone 10am – 11am

Monday’s with Mighty Men
with host Rev. R. Percell James, Sr 7pm x 8pm

The DeeLee show
with host DeeLee Mondays 8pm x 10pm

Listen live 24/7 music and talk radio.

“The Bishop Mary Show”
with Bishop Mary Tuesdays 11am – 1pm

“The Bottom Line Show”
with Tomar Jackson

“Saved, Single and Satisfied”
Hosted By: Janet Walker.
6pm – 8pm

“Empowered Living with One Savior”
with Henry Williams
8pm – 9pm

“Bring it to the Mic” with Felicia D. 7pm – 8pm

“Nuggets to Overcome”
with Pastor Leila Campbell Roberts Monday’s 8pm – 10pm

Listen live 24/7 music and talk radio.

Listen live 24/7 music and talk radio.

“Live call in number 215-782-8464.” Let your voice be heard.

Quick Look At Our Blog

610, 2016

Witness Through Living

“We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path, so that our ministry will not be discredited.” 2 Corinthians 6:3

Does your everyday living provide an effective witness for Christ? Do individuals outside your church know what you stand for and what you truly believe in your heart? It’s pretty easy to fool folk at Church on Sunday for however long you are in service. Once a week at bible study we can appear to be deep and pious. However, the question is what about the rest of the week? How do folk view you outside your inner-circle? Most of us have […]



The A.J. Stone Show

The A.J. Stone Show, with host A.J. Stone. Sunday’s 10am x 11am live radio show. A.J. highlights positive male role models in our communities. To fight the negative stereotypes and uplift men. The show also features a healthy lifestyle segment with personal trainer “I am Super Stu.”

Saved, Single and Satisfied

Saved, Single and Satisfied with hosts Ray Ray Colon and Min. Janet Walker airs every Wednesday 6pm x 8pm. Saved, Single and Satisfied with hosts: Ray ray Colon and Min. Janet Walker. Ray and Janet give radio listeners tools for success, for living the Christian life. They focus on singles who enjoy the Christian life as an individual. And breaking the negative stereotypes placed on singles in church.

The Philadelphia Experience

“The Philadelphia Experience” airs live Sundays 9am. Host: Hana, Attilah and Nellie Nel. The Philadelphia Experience radio show is Spiritual Connect Radio’s youth empowerment show. Our teen talk panel discussion includes; Topics and issues that effect their lives. They problem solve and come up with non violent solutions.

Empowered Living

Empowered Living with One Savior: Wednesday’s 8pm x 9pm. live radio show. Host Henry Williams, is a Minister of the gospel. He serves at Open Heart Deliverence Ministries. On the radio he teaches how to live a full life in Christ.

The DeeLee Show

The DeeLee show, Mondays 8pm x 10pm transparent Christian radio show. Hosted by positive transparent and motivational comedian DeeLee.

Nuggets To Overcome

Pastor Leila Campbell is the host of “Nuggets to overcome.” A weekly radio show that gives listeners biblical strategies to overcome everyday life challenges. Thursday’s 8pm x 10pm

The Bishop Mary Show

The Bishop Mary Show is a combination of wit, insight, theology and perspective. Intertwined in humor and homespun stories, it provides principles and truths that address the secular and the sacred, day to day challenges of relationships, parenting, career choices, ministry focus, and overall ways to deal with stress in a manner that lifts the spirit. The conversation challenges the listener’s worldview, lightens their load and yes, makes them laugh. Diverse, interesting and knowledgeable guests from all walks of life are frequently brought in to share their experiences and wisdom for the listeners who are invited to call in and ask questions or just to make comments.

Bring it to the Mic

Bring it to the Mic is a new show which represents Spiritual Connect Radio’s empowerment through the word of Jesus Christ. Hosted by Felicia D. Featuring teens: Saeed and Zaire. Also a getting healthy lifestyle segment by Staci. This show highlights, learning to live for God and youth encouragement. Thursdays @7pm

Mentoring Men Ministries

MENTORING MEN MINISTRIES: Connect to relevant talk, topics, news and music that inspire. Mondays at 7pm.

“Live call in number 215-782-8464.” Let your voice be heard.

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