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Broadcast Schedule:

Sunday “A.J. Stone Show” Host A.J. Stone 10am – 11am “The Philadelphia Experience” Hosted By: Hana Ali, Nelly Nel, and Attilah Ali 11a – 12p

Mondays “Monday’s with Mighty Men” with host Bob James 7pm – 8pm

Tuesday “The Bishop Mary Show” with Bishop Mary Tuesdays 10am – 12pm

Friday “B.F.F. Business, Faith, & Family” with host Christina C. Harris 6:45p – 8p

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504, 2017

Role models for Christ!

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; 9 persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians

I truly believe we as the body of Christ are in the midst of the perfect storm so to speak. There so many individuals looking for something. They do not know exactly what they are looking for but they are in need. The lost, the hurt, the wounded, the misunderstood are all looking and this presents a golden opportunity. However, if we are showing signs of being distraught, perplexed and distracted than […]



The A.J. Stone Show

The A.J. Stone Show, with host A.J. Stone. Sunday’s 10am x 11am live radio show. A.J. highlights positive male role models in our communities. To fight the negative stereotypes and uplift men. The show also features a healthy lifestyle segment with personal trainer “I am Super Stu.”

The Philadelphia Experience

“The Philadelphia Experience” airs live Sundays 11am x 12pm. Host: Hana, Attilah and Nellie Nel. The Philadelphia Experience radio show is Spiritual Connect Radio’s youth empowerment show. Our teen talk panel discussion includes; Topics and issues that effect their lives. They problem solve and come up with non violent solutions.

The Bishop Mary Show

The Bishop Mary Show is a combination of wit, insight, theology and perspective. Intertwined in humor and homespun stories, it provides principles and truths that address the secular and the sacred, day to day challenges of relationships, parenting, career choices, ministry focus, and overall ways to deal with stress in a manner that lifts the spirit. The conversation challenges the listener’s worldview, lightens their load and yes, makes them laugh. Diverse, interesting and knowledgeable guests from all walks of life are frequently brought in to share their experiences and wisdom for the listeners who are invited to call in and ask questions or just to make comments. Tuesday’s 10a x 12p

Monday’s with Mighty Men

Mentoring Men Ministries: Connect to relevant talk, topics, news and music that inspire. Mondays at 7pm x 8p.

B.F.F. Business  Faith & Family

Christina C. Harris is the creator, producer, and Host of B.F.F Business Faith & Family. She is a Certified Life and Career Coach from Philadelphia who is not afraid of breaking down barriers and busting through glass ceilings. Her self-taught approach to success has inspired many. She gives honor to her Lord and Savor Jesus Christ for His faithfulness. She is a Real Estate Investor; Business Consultant; Life & Career Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Biblical Teacher. She soon will be adding the title of Author to her resume. She has advocated for her community for many years for better equality and resources while serving on the Mayors Advisory Board in Philadelphia. She enjoys creating different ministerial outreach programs to empower women and inspire the youth. Friday 6:45p x 8p.

Girl Talk in the Spirit

Host of Girl Talk in the Spirit, Shavon Long, has a passion for helping people. She currently works with homeless youth teaching them daily life skills, from cooking and cleaning to conflict resolution and self-esteem building. Shavon took hold of her faith after the brutal passing of her younger brother. Shavon is an active member of her church Kingdom Christian Center located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and is privileged to bring her ministry to radio with the Spiritual Connect family! Thursday 9p x 10p.

Let your voice be heard live! 215-782-8464

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