“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

As I sit back and reflect on my life and some of the most recent events I find myself struggling at times to stay focused. I know God is in control and if I can just stay centered on Him all things meant for bad will turn out for good. However, it has been tough. The loss of my mom, the decline
of my fathers health, my own personal issues along with being a husband and a father coupled with other obligations have at times left me unfocused and feeling depressed. However, when I stop and think about the goodness of God and how in His word there is light to shine on any darkness that may enter into my life things seem a little better. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Sure it is tough when things do not fall the way I would like them to. It’s challenging to be there for everyone when you have so many balls in the air. However, God and His word is the source of the light that leads and guides me through times such as these. It’s the light of God that allows me to keep pushing the stone through difficult times and situations.

I have discovered that no matter the trials or tribulations. Regardless of the challenges and difficulties the word of God is where my strength lies. I know we have tough times when it seems like you may be all alone and no one understands. I get it that at times the finances may not be where you would like them to be. Maybe you family is not acting like family and things are just not going well. That relationship you wanted so very badly is simply just not working out. Well that’s where the light of the word of God comes into play. Allow God to show you what’s best for you and not what you think is best for your heart. There times when God adds to our lives by subtracting. His light can and will guide you through every trial, every tribulation, every challenge and every difficulty if you can just rest in His word and allow His word to be a lamp for your feet as He guides down the path of your life despite the bumps.

“Keep Pushing The Stone!”
Christopher A. Pender, Sr. MHS
Accentuate The Positive