“So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.” Acts 24:16

If I were to take a pole on what is the foundation of christian conduct I would get many answers. However, Acts 24:16 pretty much sums it up. If we as followers of Christ strive to keep a clear conscience before God and man at all times our behaviors and attitudes would take care of themselves. Here we have Paul being falsely accused by some Jews and yet his goal is to have a clear conscience before God and the same men who are falsely accusing him. Many of us would be so busy defending ourselves and so caught up in what was being said we would have lost sight of the truth and what God requires of us. This is the attitude Christ requires of us as we profess to be one of His. This is what being a Christian model is all about. You see my having a bad day or difficult situation is no reason for me to behave any other way than that of a citizen of the most high Kingdom. What folk may do or say has no bearing on my conduct as a card carrying member of the followers of Christ community.

For me it’s about keeping a servants heart through the trials and tribulations. For me it’s about keeping my eye on the upward call of my heavenly Father. Of course as Paul puts it when ever I seek to do good evil is right there. However, He who is in me is greater than He that is in the world. That simple truth is the weapon of choice for me as a face my Goliaths in life. I can say a lot of things to my family and those I encounter but my attitude and behavior will speak volumes to whom I follow and in whom I believe. What about you? What are you striving for and what fruits are you producing through your attitudes? Are you striving daily to have a clear conscience before God and before man? Choose this day whom you will serve and what attitudes you will bear for Christ.

“Keep Pushing The Stone!”
Christopher A. Pender, Sr. MHS
Accentuate The Positive.